The Bot All In One for Discord

Security, Moderation, Fun, Utilities and Much More!

More than 240 servers rely on Mangobot


Mangobot warmly greets new members as they join the guild, making them feel right at home from the moment they arrive.

Tailor your messages with various variables to create unique and delightful greetings.

With Mangobot, nobody will feel left out.


Mangobot is a powerful moderation bot, capable of keeping your server safe and secure.

With a wide range of moderation tools, you can easily manage your server and keep it running smoothly.

From scanning messages for inappropriate content to automatically banning troublemakers.

Mangobot is always there to help you out.


Mangobot has a built-in economy system that allows you to create your own virtual currency and use it to reward your members for their activity.

With a wide range of economy commands, you can easily manage your server's economy and keep your members engaged.

Mangobot is the perfect bot for creating a thriving economy in your server.


Mangobot handles automated tasks and entertainment for your server.

Want to know when your favorite streamer turned on?

Mangobot can notify you.